San Blas - Overnight Stay - Kikirdub Hotel

Overnight Stay in Kikirdub Hotel, San Blas. Travel package all included. Check the price, what the package includes and how it works.

The package includes

Included Shared transportation by 4x4 car from your location in Panama City to Garti Tupile port (round trip)
Included Transportation by boat from Garti Tupile to the island (round trip)
Included Overnight stay in private room with private bathroom (on the beach)
Included Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Included Daily tour (you can visit Perro island, natural pool, etc.)
Not Included Entrance fee to the Guna Yala ($5 for panamanians, $20 for foreigners)
Not Included Port tax ($2)
Not Included Beverages


1 night2 nights3 nights
$320 per person $485 per person $640 per person
A minimum of 2 people are required

Kikirdub is one of the best hotels in terms of comfort. It has a small number of rooms, each one well furnished, the service is peerless and customer care is first-class. The hotel is located on the sea, which makes the ambience unique and special, perfect for couples. The rooms have bathroom and shower and either offer a beautiful view of the sea. You can also enjoy fine dining at the local restaurant. The hotel offers day trips to other islands so that you can discover different beaches. The island is located 20 minutes away from the port.