San Blas - Overnight Stay - Wailydup Hotel

Overnight Stay in Wailydup Hotel, San Blas. Travel package all included. Check the price, what the package includes and how it works.

The package includes

Included Shared transportation by 4x4 car from your location in Panama City to Garti Tupile port (round trip)
Included Transportation by boat from Garti Tupile to the island (round trip)
Included Overnight stay in private room with private bathroom (on the sea)
Included Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Not Included Entrance fee to the Guna Yala ($5 for panamanians, $20 for foreigners)
Not Included Port tax ($2)
Not Included Beverages


1 night2 nights3 nights
$240 per person $365 per person $490 per person
A minimum of 2 people are required

Island description

Wailydup Hotel opened its doors to the public in early 2015. This two story hotel has a simple and modern structure. On the ground floor you'll find a restaurant serving delicious dishes based on seafood, octopus and shellfish and all major national liquors. All rooms, including the 8/10 bed dorms, are located on the first floor. Every room is provided with a private bathroom, a ceiling fan and a balcony with breathtaking view. The island also has one of the best white sandy beaches of the whole archipelago. In its crystalline waters you can see dozens of sea stars and, in the distance, you can spot groups of dolphins swimming around the island. After lunch you will have the opportunity to visit more beaches since the package includes a day tour to different islands such as Perro, Pelicano or Diablo. The hotel is about 30 minutes away by boat from the port.